We know there are a number of old orchards within the project area, some of which have now completely disappeared and others where a tiny fragment remains.

There are also a number of small orchards that are associated with homesteads as well as lone veteran fruit trees.

The lone remnant of an orchard that fell into disrepair and was grubbed-up
The veteran apple trees seen in this orchard were killed by the sheep stripping the bark of the trunks in bad weather

Further research needs to be done on the location and condition of previous or remaining orchards.

Traditional Orchards are designated priority habitats because they are so fantastic for wildlife. A great deal of useful and practical information about them can be found on the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) website.

Natural England has a webpage from which you can download PDFs providing guidance on site and tree selection, planting and establishing fruit trees, general pruning, formative pruning, maintenance pruning, the restoration of neglected orchards, tree health and wildlife.