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Forge Wood 2019 by David Walser

The Dallington Forest Project Mission Statement

To be an exemplar study of BIODIVERSITY and LANDSCAPE HISTORY

– to recognise and highlight the significance of the trees, grasslands, heathlands and hedgerows both as individuals and as populations within these varied habitats

– to establish and promote the ecological value of the project area

– to demonstrate and inform others of best practice management for landscape and nature conservation


Welcome to the website dedicated to conservation and best practice management of the habitats in Dallington Forest and the surrounding area.

Here you can find information about the Project and the history and composition of Dallington forest, as well as the results of research and other work being done to understand this forest environment better and to guide decisions about its future. The website aims to be a publicly-accessible repository of information about the forest.

Please click on the links to visit the various parts of this website, or browse some of the images from the forest, below.

Some pages are currently password protected while we add and review content, so please check back from time to time.

The area covered by the Dallington Forest Project

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