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Designations – The special designations for landscapes and habitiats needing protection: SSSI, SNCI, and Wildlife Verges

Habitats – The wide variety of important habitats to be found in the Dallington Forest Project area: Trees, Decaying Wood, Woodlands, Grasslands, Wood pastures, Heathlands, Orchards, and Hedgerows

Species – Invertebrates, Plants, Fungi, and Vertebrates

Archaeology and History – 2000 years of iron-working documented in archaeological surveys, and culturally-important trees.

Maps – Maps showing Forge Wood before, during and after the conservation work, as well as an historical 1566 map of Great Worge, tithe maps, and other maps of interest

A review of the records held at the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre (SxBRC) indicates the presence of some 200 protected and designated species at the time of recording, and these records provide a useful starting point for further investigations and research.

A copy of the SxBRC Summary Report can be found here.

Please contact the Dallington Forest Project for specific items of data from the records.

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